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The White Knight

The White Knight by Gail Berry

Have you heard the song of The Great Knight Stephen? He was the bravest of the brave — no adventure was too dangerous. The White Knight he was called — he was untarnished in principle and ideal and unbeaten in battle.

The sage warned him his greatest challenge would be in love.

He loved first the King’s daughter — with golden hair, a sweet voice, and a gentle disposition. And she would gladly wed him. But then he loved another — a queen in her own right, a woman of power and beauty. To this woman he gave his heart.

But even as he loved, one other came — a peasant girl, simple in dress and lovely as the moonlight.

Caught in indecision, he entered the final battle of the tournament.

He was struck and cast down; the lance pierced his heart. As he fell, he saw the peasant girl. For an instant he loved her.

The princess shrieked and ran to her fallen lover to hold him.

The queen swore revenge upon the victorious knight and rushed to her lover.

The peasant girl laid her hands upon the wound and it was healed.

He opened his eyes and saw the princess holding his right hand and the queen his left. And still he did not know who to choose.

To this day, the White Knight carries three banners into every battle — the blue of the princess, the red of the Queen, and the one he knows not, the one in his heart.

Short story by Gail Berry

Gail Berry is also the author of Little Fox and the Golden Hawk and Crazy Horse. Both books are available via

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