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Take an exciting adventure with Goldilocks to discover our just right Universe. Learn about the amazing synchronicity of the stars, the galaxy, the solar system, the elements, the sun, the moon, gravity, the forces of nature, and more!

Our Just Right Universe

The Goldilocks Effect asserts that the origins of life on Earth cannot be due to random chance. It is “just right” that the exact conditions exist on Earth for life to come into being.

Our Just Right Universe — Explore the Goldilocks Effect with a journey through our Universe, learning about all of the many aspects of time and space that make life on Earth possible.

Be grateful to be alive!

Discover the underlying miracle of life.

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Life Purpose Resources was founded in 1995 by Life Coach and Author, Allen Rubin.

During his decades long career as a Life Coach, Allen has also been studying and researching Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in great depth. He is the author of Transformation Now, a book on the Hierarchy of Needs, published in 2002.

Allen’s studies have resulted in some profound realizations and discoveries, which he calls 21st Century Psychology and Life Coaching.

His deep and comprehensive study of the Hierarchy of Needs can help you, your family and friends live a more successful life. It can help you to understand who you really are!

“21st Century Life Coaching can place you on a rocket ship to your personal destiny!”