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Dogs Are Better Than Men: Toilet Seats

Dogs Are Better Than Men in at Least 12 Ways

Dogs are better than men in 12 ways: Dogs never complain about what you feed them. If a dog gets lost, he is happy to get directions. Dogs are better listeners. A dog doesn’t have to be taught to beg. The dog will never spend your vacation money on a new set of golf clubs. […]

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Dogs Dont Do Social Distancing

Dogs Don’t Do Social Distancing

Dogs don’t do social distancing — and, fortunately, they don’t need to. They apparently can’t catch the coronavirus. Yay!

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Puppy Love Budweiser Superbowl commercial

Superbowl Commercial: Puppy Love Via Budweiser

This is a heart-warming TV commercial showcasing the love between a really cute puppy and a beautiful horse, one of the Clydesdales of Budweiser fame. You will fall in love with the puppy and horse. #BestBuds The song in the background, Let Her Go, is performed by Passenger. The YouTube video went viral with more […]

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