The Progressive Death Cult

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Too many progressive policies and programs end up killing people. Here are a few of the tragic consequences of progressive thought in the United States and around the world. — David Walker



When looked at with clear objective eyes, abortion is essentially the killing of baby humans. No trying to sugar coat it. You can pretend no one dies, but a human baby dies with every abortion.

In abortion, the mothers might have agreed to be separated from their babies, but the babies certainly did not agree to be torn from their mothers’ bodies and killed. If you really believe that separating families at the border is wrong, then you should also be outraged at forcibly tearing children from their mothers’ wombs. Why are you silent about this incredible tragedy?

Statistics compiled by Worldometers indicate that there were over 42.3 million abortions world-wide in 2019. By contrast, in 2019 in the United States, 8.2 million people died from cancer, 5 million died from smoking, 13 million died from disease, and 1.7 million died of HIV/AIDS. Abortion is a progressive cause that hasn’t gone away in over half a century.

Whoever has an abortion, kills. No mincing words. It is a human life. This human life must be respected. This principle is so clear! — Pope Francis

Of the estimated 211 million children that are conceived around the world every year, 56 million of them lose their lives to abortion. — Life International

On a global scale, 73 million babies are killed in the womb every year, or roughly 200,000 killed per day. In America alone, 1-in-5 women who become pregnant kill their babies, at a rate ranging between 1,500 and 2,500 per day.

Source: The Left Demands Millions of Human Sacrifices to Appease the Gods of Climate Change: (2/27/24).

So barren is the mind in which conjugal love and life are totally separated, so desensitized and compromised, that what grows in the womb – a new human life – can be treated like garbage. This turpitude in morality propagates the tragic notion that life really is worthless. — Anthony J. DeBlasi, columnist, American Thinker

Source: Death by Abortion: (5/14/23).

Source: Sad Abortion News: Almost 1,000,000 Children Were Forcibly Torn from Their Mothers in 2020: (12/27/19).

Source: 47 years, 50 million plus abortions: (1/22/21)

Source: 4,676,300 Unborn American Babies Murdered In Pelosi’s First Speakership (10/13/21).

Source: House Democrats Block Amendment to Save Babies Who Survive Abortion: (2/28/20).

Source: The Aspect of Abortion the Left Doesn’t Want to Talk About (12/3/21).

Source: GOP Report Outlines ‘Economic Cost of Abortion’ in Response to Sec. Janet Yellen’s Tone-Deaf Take (6/17/22).

Source: The Associated Press Instructs Journalists to Take Pro-Abortion Slant in Their Reporting: (2/4/23).

Biden Border Crisis

The border crisis created by Joe Biden and other Democrats has resulted in hundreds of immigrant deaths every year.

Untold thousands of people have died in the migration caused by Biden’s border policies. — Todd Bensman, border expert, Center for Immigration Studies

Let me be clear about my view on this. Biden is responsible for that child’s death. He is responsible for the hundreds of others who have died trying to cross the border in the last year. Further, he’s responsible for the many thousands more who perished before even making it that far. He could fix the situation with the stroke of a pen and a phone call by using the military and shutting down the border. — Bonchie, columnist, RedState

Source: (5/12/23).

That’s 2020 to 2022. Almost 1,000 migrant deaths at the southwest border of the United States. We had 53 migrants die in a tractor-trailer in San Antonio—cooked in the Texas heat. Fifty-seven were killed when a tractor-trailer crammed with migrants rolled over in a highway crash in Mexico’s southern state of Chiapas. Ask me this, is it Christian for migrants to die like that? — Chip Roy, U.S. representative

Countless others are lost at sea on what have come to be called invisible shipwrecks, incidents involving migrant deaths that go unrecorded because no one knows about them. — Miami Herald

More than 1,238 lives have been lost during migration in the [north, central and south] Americas in 2021, among them at least 51 children. — International Organization for Migration

Mayorkas’s policies have caused far more deaths—and family separations—than the policies established by President Donald Trump. — Neil Munro, columnist, Breitbart

Source: Mayorkas Hides Migrant Deaths as He Slams Trump’s Migrant Separations: (2/5/23).

For his part, Biden seems completely uninterested in the record amount of death and destruction he is causing. … Many are suffering from frostbite, and some are even dying in the cold. Unless Biden reverses course, the humanitarian disaster he is causing will only get worse. — Washington Examiner editorial

Source: Year three of the Biden border crisis will be the worst yet: (12/26/22).

The massive death toll is an open secret among D.C.’s politicians, progressives, reporters, and pro-migration lobbies. — Neil Munro, columnist, Breitbart

Nearly 1,400 dead bodies have been found along the southern border since Biden took office—each year has been a record high. — Lauren Boebert, U.S. representative

Source: Tom Homan: Impeach Mayorkas for the Death of Many Migrants: (2/10/23).

Two migrants died and 14 were in critical condition after being found in a train car east of the town of Knippa, Texas (Fox News).

Source: Mexico and Biden Administrations Play ‘See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil’ With More Illegal Immigrant Deaths on the Southern Border: (3/26/23).

The initial reports are reminiscent of a tragedy that occurred June 27  [2022] in which 53 people died in an abandoned tractor trailer near Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio. — Silvio Canto Jr., contributor, American Thinker

Source: More border-crossers found dead on ‘humanitarian’ Biden’s watch: (3/26/23).

At least 39 people are dead and 29 injured after a raging fire broke out at a migrant facility in the city of Ciudad Juarez. … It’s a human tragedy at the Rio Grande as migrants are dying in droves. — Bob Hoge, columnist, RedState

Fire at Southern Border Kills at Least 39 Migrants, Injures 29: (3/28/23).

Four Illegal Migrants, Including an Infant, Died Trying to Cross the Rio Grande: (7/6/23).

The Death of Cities

Like most leftist-run cities, San Francisco is quickly dying as crime rages, shit and drugs flood the streets, and

San Francisco is a city that has been ruled from top to bottom by radical leftists who are so soft on crime that criminals are more fairly treated than law-abiding citizens. … San Francisco is a tragic story. If it were stripped of its authoritarian grip, its streets cleaned, and law and order returned, it would be a crown jewel of the United States. — Brandon Morse, contributor, RedState

Source: Behold the Ultimate Result of Leftism: (8/7/23).

Homeless Deaths

2,033 homeless people died in Los Angeles in 2023. 11,573 people have died in the past ten years in LA alone. These deaths are the result of idiots in Los Angeles and California governments.

Source: Public Health Crisis: 2,033 Homeless People Died in Los Angeles in 2023: (2/24/24).

Fentanyl Crisis

Fentanyl is primarily made in China and smuggled into the U.S. through Mexico, through the porous border that the Democrats refuse to fortify. As a result, thousands and thousands of people have died from fentanyl.

We are under attack, and the one obvious good example is the fentanyl assault. This is the one that … killed 70,000 Americans last year. — Grant Newsham, author, When China Attacks


China manufactures the fentanyl that kills more and more Americans each year—67,000 in 2021—and it colludes with Mexican drug runners to get the narcotic across our southern border. — Hugo Gurdon, editor-in-chief, Washington Examiner

Source: Has America been too slow to wake up to the China threat?: (3/16/23).

Covid-19 Deaths

Millions of people may have died as a result of the progressive covid hysteria that forced out possible solutions like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquin and require everyone to get vaccinate (which did not stop the spread of covid),

Instead, we have witnessed a massive and ongoing loss of life in America due to distrust of vaccines and the healthcare system; a massive concentration in wealth by already wealthy elites; a rise in suicides and gun violence especially among the poor; a near-doubling of the rate of depression and anxiety disorders especially among the young; a catastrophic loss of educational attainment among already disadvantaged children; and among those most vulnerable, a massive loss of trust in healthcare, science, scientific authorities, and political leaders more broadly. — Kevin Bass, medical student

Source: It’s Time for the Scientific Community to Admit We Were Wrong About COVID and It Cost Lives: (1/30/23).

Medicaid Death by Queue

Death by queue is defined as dying while waiting in line for care that is technically possible but unavailable in time to save lives.

Death by queue has long been a feature of the vaunted British National Health Service (NHS) and has now become noticeable in the U.S. In Illinois over three years, 752 Medicaid enrollees died waiting for desperately needed medical treatment. An internal Veterans’ Affairs Department audit concluded that 47,000 veterans may have died waiting in line for care that was technically possible but unavailable. — Deane Waldman, M.D.

Source: Obamacare: Still Killing People 13 Years In: (4/3/23).

Crime in American Cities

Young men in major progressive-run cities are dying at a faster rate that those fighting in the wars of Afghanistan and Iraq.

This cross-sectional study of 129 ,826 young adult men living in Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City, and Los Angeles in 2020 and 2021 found that young adult males from zip codes with the most violence in Chicago and Philadelphia had a notably higher risk of firearm-related death than US military personnel who served during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. — JAMA Network Open

For a young man growing up in the wrong part of Chicago or in Philadelphia, living in the ‘hood is more dangerous than going to war. — Andrea Widburg, columnist, American Thinker

Source: Chiraq Isn’t Just a Meme; It’s a Reality: 2/chiraq_isnt_just_a_meme_its_a_reality.html (2/5/23).

That is the only choice you have in an American city center these days. Live with it. Democrats have almost exclusive control of every major American city, and their policies have led to a nationwide homelessness and crime crisis that should seem inconceivable given our republican form of government. … Democrat/socialist policies inevitably lead to selfishness and unkindness. … In Democrat hell, small acts of kindness are very hard to offer, and equally hard to come by. — Kira Davis, columnist, Redstate

Democrat Policies Murder Compassion: (3/28/23).

U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves for the District of Columbia declined to prosecute 67% of criminals arrested by police officers in 2022. As a result according to D.C. crime statistics, sex abuse cases are up 110%. Homicides have spiked 19%, property crime is up 27%, and motor vehicle theft is up 108%.

Source: DC Attorney Failed to Prosecute 67 Percent of Crimes in 2022: (3/29/23).

Gun Control

When will the fascist far left admits that it has blood on its collective hands and it’s time to restore the people’s common sense civil rights? … You would think they would show some remorse for disarming the innocent and thereby increasing the carnage, but you would be wrong. Being a leftist means never having to say you’re sorry. It’s always someone else’s fault when their policy proposals designed to enhance their power get people killed. — D. Parker, columnist, American Thinker

Source: Gun Control Kills People: (2/5/23).

International Socialism

Communism, democratic socialism, facism, nazism, and many dictatorships are simply names for another ism: socialism. Wherever socialism has been tried, it has failed. It never fulfills its hundreds of promises to the people. It can’t.  Socialism doesn’t work. Only free markets offer true solutions to the problems facing this world.

  • 8.7 million people died from famine in 1930’s communist Soviet Union. Central planning of farming does not work and never has.
  • 30 million people died in the Great Chinese Famine of the early 1960’s due to the abject failure of Chinese communism.
  • 50 million people died during China’s Great Leap Forward.
  • During the late 1960’s Chinese Cultural Revolution millions more died.
  • 6 million Jews died in the Nazi gas ovens and concentration camps. Nazi stands for national socialism.
  • More than one million people were killed and buried in the Killing Fields by the Khmer Rouge regime (the Communist Party of Kampuchea) during its rule of the country from 1975 to 1979.

When Cuba’s suicide rate reached 24 per thousand in 1986—making it double Latin America’s average, making it triple Cuba’s pre-Castro rate, making Cuban women the most suicidal in the world, making death by suicide the primary cause of death for Cubans aged 15-48—at that point the Cuban government ceased publishing the statistics on the self-slaughter. — Humberto Fontova, columnist, Townhall

Source: Grammy Winner Bonnie Raitt—Hypocrite Extraordinaire: (2/11/23).

Socialism is one of the most destructive ideologies in world history. — Steve Scalise, U.S. representative

The point is that Democrats are infested with the belief that an over-arching government presence that controls the means of production is the best form of government, a claim that has been proven demonstrably false on occasion after occasion. — Brandon Morse, contributor, RedState

Source: Split Vote to Condemn Horrors of Socialism Shows Democrats Have a Socialism Problem: (2/2/23).

Socialism is a prime example of liberal failure. The government, top-down, controls the economy. It never works because it denies humans the freedom to choose their needs and desires, rather than what the elite thinks is best. Nobody can control what another person wishes to purchase. Only the free market fits with human nature. — Mark Lewis, author, Whitewater

Source: Why Leftist Ideologies Always Fail: (2/11/23).

The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money. — Margaret Thatcher, British prime minister

Source: Watch: Navy SEAL Drago Dzieran Warns of Socialism Push in America: (3/26/23).

The January 6th Tragedy

Depending on the numbers provided by partisans, somewhere from 1 person to 6 people died as a result of the January 6th protests. Those deaths could easily have been avoided if the FBI had acted on the intelligence they had before the protests.

The intelligence prior to January 6th was direct and not ambiguous. The FBI knew that people were going to attempt to get inside the Capitol Building. Still, instead of trying to prevent the attack, recent revelations showed that the FBI played along, having informants within the Proud Boys organization. — Bonchie, columnist, RedState

Source: Chief January 6th Investigator Makes Shocking Admissions, and Committee Members Covered Them Up: (2/1/23).

Dead Birds

Wind turbines are well known as killers of aerial fauna, with one study reporting the deaths of 888,000 bats and 573,000 birds as the result of wind machines.

Source: Impact of wind power plants on mammalian and avian wildlife species in shrub- and woodlands: (April 2021).

Dead Whales

Whales are dying off the east coast of the United States. They seemed to die from underwater survey blasting in preparation to build wind farms off New Jersey and New York. A letter from 12 New Jersey mayors asked for a moratorium on offshore wind projects until state and federal agencies could study the problem.

There’s another windmill story out there that I didn’t cover, however—I didn’t want to be long-winded—namely, whales are dying in unusual numbers on the beaches of New York and New Jersey, apparently from sound devastation caused by construction of offshore turbine farms. It’s pitting the climate crowd against the environmentalists, and while you might assume they’re the same people, sometimes their interests diverge. Since December 2022 (two months), at least 9 dead whales have washed up in the northeast states. — Bob Hoge, columnist, RedState

Source: Battle of the Activists: Dead Whales on the East Coast Likely Due to Wind Turbine Farms: (2/1/23).

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported an unusual mortality event as the result of elevated humpback whale deaths since January 2016 along the East Coast. The agency reports 180 humpback strandings during the period.

The claim that this huge jump in mortality predates offshore wind preparation activities is wildly false. In fact, it coincides with the large-scale onset of these activities. — David Wojick, researcher

Source: Wind Farms Wrong for Right Whales (2/7/23).

Source: More Dead Whales Wash up in NY and NJ, Feds Continue to Deny Massive Wind Turbine Farms at Fault: (3/4/23).

Environmental writer Michael Shellenberger has found a causal relationship between the high-decibel pile-driving and boat activity associated with installations of wind turbines for wind power, and the deaths of 60 right whales in the past year, whose habitat is in those very waters, and based on their environmental needs, cannot move someplace else. … This isn’t the first time wind turbines have been found to have killed wildlife. The turbines themselves are known to kill thousands of raptor birds and bats, some endangered, which are vital for keeping the environment in balance. Imagine what the rat and snake population looks like in raptor-decimated wind farm areas. That’s just one part of the problem, and you can bet the results must be comparable in whale-decimated waters. — Monica Showalter, columnist, American Thinker

Read: Save the whales? In Massachusetts, today’s greenies kill the whales: (8/13/23).

Yesterday marked the 60th known whale death on the East Coast since Dec 1, 2022. This is not normal.
The government says it’s not because of the wind industry’s high decibel pile driving & boat traffic in previously pristine waters. They’re lying. And now we have the proof. — Michael Shellenberger, author, Apocalypse Never, tweet (8/13/23).

Most of the now 62 dead whales are Right Whales, and there are only 340 of those whales left.

A whales dies on an East Coast beach likely due to windmill construction.,

Dead Dolphins

Eight dolphins have died after washing ashore a Sea Isle City beach in New Jersey (Marine Mammal Stranding Center).

The spate of deaths has prompted lawmakers to call for a suspension of offshore wind projects until it can be determined why the animals are dying.

Source: NJ Lawmakers Demand Pause on Offshore Wind Projects After Latest Mass-Death Incident at Beach: (3/22/23).

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