The Many Faces of Joe Biden

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Joe Biden goes by many names. Here are 600+ insightful nicknames for President Joe Biden. It might have started with Let’s Go Brandon, but it didn’t stop with that. — David Walker

The Absent President
An Absolute Minority
Absolute Moron
Abused by Easter Bunnies
Abuser of Power
Abysmal Biden
Active Bioweapon
Active Destroyer of America
Addled in Chief
The Addled Old Politician
Addled Senile Old Man
The Adult in Charge
Age of Rage Enabler
Aider and Abetter of the Taliban
Albatross Joe
Algorithmic Justice Joe
Alienated Isolated Individual
Aloof Incompetent Doofus
Always Late For Everything
America Is a Wreck Biden
America Last President
America’s First Six-Star Admiral of the Army
The Apocalyptic President
Apple Sauce Brains
April Fools President
Arrogant Joe
As Popular As a Sinkhole
Asinine Ignorant Fool
Asleep at the Wheel

Babbling Biden
Baby Food Biden
Baby Formula Biden
Bad Bad Biden
Bad Joke Joe
Bad Policies Biden
Bail for the Beach Biden
Barkin’ Biden
Barney Biden
Barney Fife Joe
Baseless Biden
Basement Joe Biden
Battered Biden
Beady Eyes Biden
Beg Like a Dog Biden
Behind the Gym Joe
Biden Afghanistan Debacle
Biden and His Henchmen
Biden Apparatchiks
Biden Baby Formula Crisis
Biden Bombshell
Biden Border Crisis
Biden Brags Again
Biden Clown Car
Biden Crime Family
Biden Gas Hike
Biden Gas Price Hikes Crisis
Biden Goes Cray Cray
Biden-Harris Iceberg
Biden Inflation Tax
Biden Is a Giant
Biden Is Not God
The Biden Junta
Biden Oil Crisis
Biden Supply Chain Crisis
Biden Trips Over Himself
Biden Unleashed
Biden Voter Remorse
The Biden White House Is a Sinking Ship
Biden’s America
Biden’s Backpedaling Bicycle
Biden’s Deadly Afghanistan Debacle
The Bidenflation Boot
Bidenflation Nation
Big Baby Biden
Big Brother Biden
The Big Guy
Big Joey
The Big Liar
Big Lie Biden
A Big Non-Factor
Big Spending Biden
Binge Broke Batter
Bizarre Biden
Bizarro Biden
Blamer in Chief
Blatant Hypocrite
Blink’n Blinken
The Blurb Burglar
Blurred Reality Biden
A Boatload of Corruption
Bobblehead Biden
Bogus Catholic
Bonehead Biden
Boo-Boo Biden
Boo F**king Hoo Biden
Boogeyman Biden
Boom. Done. Biden.
Boondoggle Biden
Box of Food Biden
Bozo Bro
Brain Broke Biden
Braindead Biden
Brainwashed Biden
BS Biden
The Buck Never Stops Here Biden
Buffoon Biden
Build Back Blunder
Build Back Broke Biden
Bullshit Biden
Bully Biden
Bungling Biden
Bye Bye Biden
Bystander Biden

Can’t Do Anything Right Biden
Captain of the Shit Ship
Carter 2.0
Carter on Steroids
Casually Cruel Joe Biden
Catholic Apostate
A Cesspool of Misinformation
Cheat Sheet Biden
Cheater Joe
Chicken Little Biden
Clean-Up on Aisle Biden
Clean-Up on Aisle 9
Climate Cultist Joe
Climate Disinformation Pusher
C’mon Man Joe
Cognitively Impaired
Collusion Hoax Spreader
Commander in Chaos
Commitment Breaker Biden
Commissar of Disinformation
Commissar of Misinformation
Complete Clusterfark
Complete Invalid Idiot
A Complete Piece of S**t
A Compromised Politician
Comrade President
Confused White Man
Corn Pop’s Pal
Corrupt Buffoon
Corrupt Fraud
Corrupt Grotesque Human Being
Corrupt Hack
A Corrupt Politician
Covid Joe
Crashing with Hispanic Voters
Creepy F***ing Dictator
Creepy Joe
Creepy Uncle Joe
Creepy Whisper Voice
A Criminal Opportunist
Cringetastic Joker
Crisis Management Dodo Bird
Crony Joe
Crusty the Clown
Cult Leader Biden
The Cycle of Dumb and Dumber

D for Deviant
Dad of Crack Cocaine Degenerate
Damned Liar
A Damp Sock Puppet of a Human Being
Darth Biden
Dazed and Very Confused
Deadly Ernest Joe
Dear Leader Biden
Declining Deficit Distortion
The Decrepit President
Deep State Puppet
Deeply Unpopular Biden
Deer Caught in the Headlights
Deer in Kevlar
Defund Joe Biden
Delusional Man
This Demented Lunatic
Dementia Joe
Dementia Lollipop in the Oval Office
Dementia-Riddled Proxy
Democracy Dies in Darkness
Democracy Dies in Dumbness
Democracy Is Under Threat Joe
Democrat Emperor Has No Clothes
Deplorable Illegitimate President
Deplorable Joe
The Depth of Idiocy
Der Fuhrer Biden
Deranged Conspiracy Nut
Desiccated Senile Old Pervert
Despicable Liar
Dim Bulb Biden
Ding Dong Biden
The Dingbat Man
Dinosaur of Politics
Dipsh*t Biden
Dirty Trick for the Ages
Disgrace to Humankind
Disgraceful Knucklehead
Disgusting Piece of Garbage
Disinformation Disaster
Disinformation Dystopian
Disinformation Hit Squad Leader
Disinformation Idiot in Charge
Disinformation Rubbish
Disuniter in Chief
Doctor Stretch
Documented Serial Liar
A Doddering Demented Embarrassment
Dog-Faced Pony Soldier
Don’t Blame Joe
Don’t Run Again Joe
Dopey Biden
Double-Digit IQ Lightweight
Dumb and Bonkers
Dumb and Dumber All in One
Dumbest Human Being on the Planet
Dumbest Human Being to Ever Sit in the Oval Office
Dumbest Human Being to Ever Sit in the White House
Dumpster Diving Biden
Dumpster Fire Joe

Economically Ignorant
Egregious Liar
Elder Abused Biden
Elderly Gentleman Playing as President
Elitist Would-Be Tyrant
The Embarrassment in Chief
Embittered Minority Leader
The Emperor Has No Clothes
Empty Suit in the White House
Empty Vessel of a Human Being
Energy Crisis Promoter
An Enormous Fraud
Equal Opportunity Disappointer
Every. Single. Time. He opens his mouth.
An Evil Man, No Question
An Existential Threat

Faceplant Biden
A Failed President
Fake President
Falling Down the Stairs Joe
False Bravado Biden
False Dichotomy Moron
False Narrative Joe
Falsehood Filled Speaker
A False-Speaking Fabulist
Fascist Moron
Faux Decorum Biden
Feckless Joe
Feckless President
Feeble Joe
Feeble-Minded Leader
Fellow By the Name of Brandon
Festival of Lies Perpetrator
Fexter in Chief
First Clean and Articulate Presidential Candidate
First Wax Person to Become President
The Fog of Being Joe Biden
A Font of Untruths
Foot in Mouth Diseased
For God’s Sake Joe
Former 18-Wheel Truck Driver
Formula for Disaster
Free World’s Resolute Leader
A Fry Short of a Happy Meal
F— Joe Biden
F**king Nazi Pig
Full Fascist
Full-Time Professor Joe
Functional Brain Lackadaisical
The Furthest Thing from Blue Collar Joe

Gaffe-Prone Loose Cannon
Garbage Can of Hate
Garbage Ruling Caste
Garbage Ruling Class
Gas Bag Biden
Gas Hike Joe
Gas Is Up Biden
Genocidal Maniac
Genuinely Awful Human Being
Geriatric Joe
Geriatric President
Get Out of Dodge Joe
Get Your Words Straight Joe
Ghost Gun Extremist
God Bless Joe Biden
God Protect Our Troops from Biden
Going to the Extreme Biden
A Good Democrat
Good-for-Nothing Geriatric
Goofy Joe
Grandpa Badfinger
Grandpa Can’t Deal
Grandpa Stompy Foot
The Grieving Tyrant

Hairy Legs Joe
Hater of the Unwashed Masses
He Who Pretends to Love America
Head of Lettuce in the White House
Head of the Free Speech Police
He’s Not Trump
Hello, Period Joe Biden
The Hero of Afghanistan
Hid’n Biden
High Tech Lyncher
His Fraudulency
Hole Digger Joe
Horse’s Ass Joe
A House Mouse
A Human Carrot
Hunter Biden’s Enabler
Hunter Biden’s Pop
Hypocrite of the Highest Order

I Did That Stickers via Joe Biden's Gas Hike

I Did That Joe Biden
I Give You My Word As a Biden
I May Be Irish, But I’m Not Stupid Joe
Ice Cream Joe
The Idiot in Charge
Illegal Aliens Importer-in-Chief
Illegal Immigration Imbecile
Illegitimate President
An Illiterate Fascist
The Ill-Tempered Child in the Room
Imbecilic Staff Manager
Impaired and Unhinged Leader
Imposter Syndrome Joe
Incompetent Biden
Incredible Transition Joe
Incredibly Shrinking President
Inept President
Inflation Spike Biden
An Insecure Little Child
Insurrection Spreader
The Invalid as President
Invalid of a President
Irish Joe
Irredeemably Biased
It’s Only Transitory Joe

Jabberwocky Joe
Jill Biden’s Puppet
Jim Crow Joe Biden
Jiminy Cricket Brains
Jimmy Carter’s Savior
Joe Banana
Joe Being Joe
Joe Biden Economic Disaster
Joe Biden = Jimmy Carter
Joe Biden Is a Child
Joe Biden Is an Infant
Joe Biden’s America
Joe Biden’s Failure Tour
Joe Biden’s Gas Price Hike
Joe Biden’s Handlers
Joe Biden’s Lack of Logic
Joe Biden’s Price Hike
The Joecession
Joe’s Gotta Go
Joe’s Inflation
Joe’s Mind Is Baked
Joesama Bin Lying
Joey Bag of Donuts
Joey Hair Plugs
Joey SoftServe
The Joke Is Over
The Joke Who’s Running Our Country
Josephine Biden
Joy Behar Approved Mental Giant
Joy Behar Cognitive Ability Test Passer
Jug Bidet
Just Joe Being Joe
Just Plain Stupid

Keeping Tyrants Guessing Joe
King of Misinformation
The King of Pain
Kleptocrat Joe
Knucklehead Biden

Lack of Success Joe
The Landline of Presidents
Laughing Stock of the International Politics
Leader of the Education Wars
Left Authoritarian
Legendary Biden Fables
Let Biden Be Biden
Let ’em Drive Tesla Joe
Let’s Go Brandon
Liar About Everything
Like a Deer in the Headlights
Limo Joe
Litany of Lies
Little Joe
A Living, Breathing Head of Lettuce
Lookie! Biden Has a Cat
Loose Cannon Who Has Lost Touch with Reality
Loose Lips Joe
LOSE: Let’s Omit Serious Efforts
Losing His Place President
The Lost President
Low-Information Voter Man
Low IQ Joe
A Low Poll Politician
Lump of Cells Joe
Lump of Inanimate Brain Matter
Lunatic Running the Asylum
Lyin’ Biden
Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier
Lying Fraud
The Lying King
The Lying President

MAGA Gang Victim
Make No Sense Joe
The Man Who Lost Bezos
Mean Spirit Administration
Mean-Spirited, Power-Hungry Creep
Meddle with the Fed Biden
Media Sock-Puppet
A Mental Deficient
A Mental Invalid
Mental Weakling
Mentally Bonkers
Mentally Challenged Biden
A Merry-Go-Round of Excuses
The Mess Not the Message
Mickey Mouse Club President
Mind Muddled Idiot
A Mind of Applesauce
Minister of Disinformation
Minister of Misinformation
Misinformed Hateful Joe
Missing Income Joe
Misspoken Joe
Mistake Machine
Morally Depraved Biden
The Most Anti-Free Speech President Ever
Most Corrupt Inept Human Being
Most Dangerous President in U.S. History
Most Incompetent Administration in American History
Mr. Magoo
Mr. Oatmeal for Brains
Mr. White House Adrift
Muck It Up Biden
Muddlin’ Joe
Multiverse of Madness
Mumbles Biden
Murk and Mayhem President
My 401K Destroyer
My Butt’s Been Wiped Biden
My Chairman

Naive Joe
Nazi Biden
NerdProm Speaker
Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste
Nightmare Joe
Nincompoop Joe
19, 5, 6, and 7 and 8 Joe
No Blame Joe
No Pipeline Joe
Not a Mind Reader Joe
Not a Wise Guy
Not All There Biden
Not Helping Americans Joe
Not-His-Fault-At-All Challenges
Not Mentally Capable to Be President
Not Ready for Prime Time President
Not the Best or the Brightest
Not the Great MAGA King

Oatmeal for Brains
Obama’s Third Term
Oblivious Joe
Off Limits for Criticism
Old and Slimy with No Backbone
Old White Straight Male
On Top of the Moron Pole
One Train Wreck After Another
Open Borders Biden
Out of Touch Joe
Outright Falsehoods Speaker

Pants on Fire Joe
Participation Trophy President
Party of Division and Hate Leader
Party of Emptying Prisons Leader
Party of Insurrection, Revolt and Violence Leader
Party of Less Baby Formula Leader
Party of Less Energy, Water, Speech, and Housing Leader
Party of Porn in Elementary Schools Leader
Party of Open Borders Leader
Party of Scarcity Leader
The Party’s Patsy
Pathetic Propaganda Joe
Pathetic Snowflake
Pathetic Weak Man
Peak Joe Biden
Petulant Dotard
Piece of Shit
Plagiarist Liar of a Human Being
Planet Looney Tunes
Political Liability
Pompous as Hell Joe
Pop the Main in Front of Me Joe
Potemkin President
President Applesauce
President Butter Beans
President Cheese Sauce
President Costanza
President Dementia
President Harris
President in Name Only (PINO)
President Incompetent
President of the Lie
President of the Rich
President Off with the Pixies
President Sticky Note
The Presidential House Plant
Prissy President
Pro Groomer Party Leader
A Problem for Democracy
Progressive Retard
Proud of the Fact He’s an Idiot
Puff Piece President
Purveyor of Misinformation
Purveyor of Partisan Disinformation
Putin’s Pal
Putin’s Patsy
Putin’s Puppet
Putin’s Pussycat

Quid Pro Joe

Rabbit Harvey’s Best Friend
Racist Bigot
Racist Lies Spreader
Racist Who Eulogized a KKK Leader
Radical Leftist Moron
Rattled by Sinking Poll Numbers
Reactive Not Proactive President
The Real Wise Guy
Really, Really, Really Bad Biden
Realville Alien
Reckless Joe
Reckless Spending Joe
Record High Prices Joe
Red Flag Old Man
Retread of Jimmy Carter
Rhetorical Doo-Doo Biden
Ridiculous Biden
Robbing Hood
Robotic Soulless Weirdo
Rolling Blackouts Biden

Sad Sock Puppet
Scranton Joe
Scratch and Sniff Biden
Self-Inflicted Failure
The Senile Adult in Charge
Senile Manikin
Senile Old Coot
Senile Old Gumby
Senile Old Joe
Serial Liar
Seven Dollar Joe
The Shadow President
The Shady Bunch
Shallow Narcissistic Corrupt Human Being
Shipwreck of a Presidency
Shotgun Joe
Sick Joke Joe
Simply Not True Joe
Single Most Destructive Force in the History of the United States
The Six Trillion Dollar Man
A Skilled Political Liar
Sleazy Joe Biden
Sleepwalker in Crisis
Sleepy Joe
Sleepy Joe & the Fish
A Small Sick Man
SNABU: Situation Normal, All Bidened Up
Snotty Joe
Snubbed by Kamala
Soft Oatmeal-Like Brains
A Special Kind of Stupid
Spineless Jellyfish
A Staggering Show of Incompetence
Stammering Biden
A Still-Rolling Train Wreck
Still Sleeping Joe
Straight Up False Joe
Stretcher of Truth
Stubborn Joe
Stumblebum of the Free World
Stupid Son of a B****
The Stupidest Freaking Person on Planet Earth
Substandard Human Being
Swamp Creature
Swamp King
Swiss Cheese Idiot

Tainter of Barack Obama’s Legacy
Take the Bus Biden
Tantrum Joe
The Tardy President
Tax Evader
Teleprompter Joe
Teleprompter Misreader
Terminator for American Exceptionalism
There You Go Again Joe
This Casually Cruel Man
This Guy’s a Tool
This Idiot
This Man Cannot Remain in Power
This Oblivious President
This Old Fool
Ticking Time Bomb
A Tier One Moron
Time to Go Joe
Toe-to-Toe Joe
Tone Deaf Joe
Tragedy Spinner
Traitor’s Joe
Transgender Revolutionary
Transparency Czar
Transitory Joe Biden
Truck Driver
Trump Living in His Head
Trump Rent-Free in His Head
12-Step Plan to Destroy America
2,000 Mules Beneficiary
Typhoid Mary of Politics for Democrats

Ultra King of Inflation
Ultra Maga Victim
Unbelievably Bad Joe Biden
Uncle Joe
An Unethical, Corrupt, Criminal Dirtbag
Unfit Biden
Unity Basher
Unpresidented Biden
Useful Idiot
Useless Idiot

Vicious Vindictive Joe
Victim of Far-Right Influencers
The Victim of “They”
Vindictive Stubborn Old Man

Walk Away Joe
Walk Back Biden
Wannabe Elitist
Watch Watcher
Weak and Incompetent Joe
Weak Spinless Traitor
Weak Stupid and Half Asleep
Weekend at Bernies President
Weekend Sleeper
What a Joke Joe
What Does Joe Biden Do All Day?
Whispering Joe Biden
White House as Adult Daycare Center
White Supremacist
Whopper Dropper
Wingnut Idiot
A Withering Flower on the Side of the Road
Witless Wise Guy
Woke and Morally Broke
The Woke Mind Virus
Word Salad Spinner
World Elder Abuse Victim
Worldwide Laughingstock
Worst President Ever
Worst President in at Least Modern History
Worst President in U.S. History
Worst President of the Last Century
Wrong About Virtually Everything
Wrongheaded Idiot
Wrong Track Biden

Xi Jinping’s Patsy

You Ain’t Black Joe

Zero Joe

Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up. — Barack Obama

Joe’s approval rating is at 33%. Please send thoughts and prayers to the 33% who desperately need divine guidance.

Have you noticed how Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Jen Psaki, Ari Melber, Karine Jean-Pierre, Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and other progressives often talk with their hands when they are lying. The more audacious their lies, the more their hands wave about. — David Walker

Joe Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades. — Robert Gates, U.S. defense secretary for Obama

We are ruled by idiots. Our government is staffed by idiots doing idiot things. What does that make us? — Streiff, columnist, RedState

Biden certainly is not improving your life. He’s not even trying to improve your life. So, the best he can do is lie to you and demand that you believe it. — Tucker Carlson, TV commentator

Beady Eyes Biden

The president has so thoroughly fouled things up during his stint in the White House that voters would rather lay face down on burning coals than to pull the lever for him again, even if it means staying home and eating a ham sandwich on Election Day. — Jeff Charles, columnist, RedState

And a cartoon:

Biden Supporters

abortion activists
amoral elitists
anti-fossil fuel fanatics
antifa fascists
anti-science proponents
arrogant people
AWOL Obama
baby killers
bad economists
ballot harvesters
ballot mules
biased leakers
big liars
bitter partisans
BlueAnon Twitter
blurb burglars
boogaloo extremists
braind-dead liberals
the broken
bubble dwellers
cake eaters
censorship advocates
child abusers
citizen commissars
city burners
climate change alarmists
climate cultists
climate deniers
coastal elites
collusion hoaxers
committed misogynists
conspiracy spreaders
corrupt unions
the crazies
crony capitalists
CRT advocates
dangerous dudes
Davos devotees
demented people
despicable human beings
despicable liars
dim bulbs
dimwit leftist rich actors
disinformation police
doomsday soothsayers
election deniers
elitist egotistical media figures
entitled ideologists
evil liars
extremists of all kinds
fact checkers, aka fiction checkers
fact-deprived Americans
fake news media
false fact checkers
far-left groups
far-left radicals
feckless liars
fellow travelers
fire bombers
flat earthers
fraudulent voters
free speech censors
f—ing idiots
ghoulish opportunists
government parasites
grade-A idiots
great reseters
grotesque human beings
gullible people
harpies (of The View)
hate groups
hate speakers
herdbound halflings
hollywood idiots
horrible human beings
human filth
Hydrated Queer Kitties
identity groups
ignorant elitists
the immoral
inclusive storytellers
inflation supporters
insane clown posse of progressives
inside the bubble people
internet trolls
irrational people
joyless Behar
judge harassers
junk scientists
LaLa Land
lapdog media
left progressives
legendary idiots
liberal hypocrites
liberal idiots
media class
media intimidators
misinformed people
mostly peaceful rioters
Nanny Nancy
narcissistic sociopaths
nazi sympathizers
never trump loons
never trumpers
open borders advocates
opportunistic ghouls
out-and-out racists
out-of-touch extremists
overly polite society
Parental Rights in Education opponents
parents’ rights deniers
partisan hacks
pearl clutchers
people of the lie
perennial losers
the perpetually offended
petulant children
police defunders
political hacks
power hungry elitists
privileged people
pro-abortion ghouls
putrid new dealists
race baiters
racist leftists
radical leftists
raging hypocrites
random protesters
rogue prosecutors
russia hoaxers
science fabulists
self-loathing progressives
senile old coots
shady politicians
shallow thinkers
smirking classes
the snitch brigade
so-called fact checkers
social justice warriors
social media gobblins
social media mobs
sore lousers
stone cold lunatics
student debtors
stupid smart people
stupid sonofabitches
talking heads
teacher’s unionists
terrible journalists
terrible liars
terrible people
total nut jobs
toxic sociopaths
truly sick individuals
truth smudgers
2000 mules
umbrella rioters
the unhinged
unhinged extremists
unhinged marxist educators
very stupid people
vicious racists
violent protesters
violent radicals
virtue signalers
vote suppressors
Washington bubble dwellers
white nationalists
white supremacists
wild-eyed progressives
witch hunters
woke activists
wokester jokesters

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