Dance Dance Dance

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Here are the dance-related images and dance quotes on My Incredible Website.

Alan Watts: On Joining the Dance

Albert Schweitzer: On Music and Cats

Alicia Keys: On Making a Great Song

Carlos Castanada: On Making Ourselves Strong

Clarence Clemons: On Music and the Soul

Dance and Dancing Index

Learn to Dance in the Rain

Dance, Dance, Dance: Two Kinds of People in the World

Dance Like No One Is Watching (music and dance video)

Dancing Sunset: Life Taps Its Toes to Your Beat

Do You Have a Happy Song?

e e cummings on Singing

Emma Goldman: On Singing and Dancing

Frances Houseman: On Love (from Dirty Dancing)

George Bernard Shaw: On Dance

Hopi Saying: To Watch Us Dance

An Idea Can Turn into Dust or Magic

Jack Vance: On Good Music

Jimi Hendrix: On Music

Mae West: On Life (dance, dance, dance)

Martha Graham: On Dance

Martha Graham: On Dancing and Dancers

Music Expresses the Inexpressible

One Dance Image, Two Quotes on Dancing (Vivian Greene)

Rumi: On the Astronomy of the Spirit

Snoopy: Thank You for the Dance

The Spinning Dancer Illusion

Sunset Dance: Don’t Be Afraid to Give Yourself Everything

Terri Guillemets: On Dancing

Toyota Viral Video: Let’s Go Places: It dances with the daring.

Viral Video: Are You Ready for a Good Cry?

Vivian Greene: Learn to Dance in the Rain

African Proverb: When You Pray, Move Your Feet

William Purkey: Dance Like There’s Nobody Watching

Wonderful Image: Dance, Dance, Dance

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