Kindness Quotations / Kind Quotes

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Here are a number of inspirational quotations on kindness, being kind, and making better choices. Be kind!

Anna Quindlen: On All the Good

Ashton Kutcher: On the Sexiest Thing

Betsy Neal Lewis: On Making Better Choices

Buddha: On Miracles

The Dalai Lama: On Kindness

The Fence: A Story

Ralph Waldo Emerson on Kindness

Follow The Platinum Rule

Gary Zukav: On How to Change the World

Giving, a Short Story by Gail Berry

Glennon Doyle: On the Secret of Life

Good Self-Care for Depression

Hopi Saying: To Watch Us Dance

I Asked God to Take Away My Pain Poem

Iain Thomas: On Pain and Bitterness

Immanuel Kant: How to Judge the Heart of a Man

Indra Nooyi: Assume Positive Intent

Jimi Hendrix: On the Power of Love

Jimi Hendrix: On Music

Joy Villa: Make a Choice for Tolerance and Love

Kahlil Gibran: Kindness Is Like Snow

Katrina Mayer: Go 24 Hours Without Complaining

Laura Ingalls Wilder: On What Makes You Happy

Lupita Nyong’o: Go Where You Are Loved

Making a Hundred Friends Is Not a Miracle

Marcel Proust: On People Who Bring Us Happiness

Marilynne Robinson: We Are Precious and Interesting

Martin Luther King Jr.: On Service

Martin Luther King: The Quotable Martin Luther King

Mother Teresa: On Doing Small Things with Great Love

Mother Teresa: On Joy

Mother Teresa: On Spreading Love

Nisargadatta Maharaj: On Wisdom and Love

Oprah Winfrey: Greatest Quotations

Owen Egerton: Be Kind and Sing Thank You

Paulo Coelho: On Love

Pharrell Williams: On This Gigantic Beautiful Colorful World

The Platinum Rule

Ralph Waldo Emerson: On Being Kind

Randy Travis: On What You Leave Behind

Release Negativity with a Prayer

Rita Mae Brown: On Love

Robert Barone: On Being Nice

Robert C K Lee: On Our Gifts to God

Robert Medley: On Potential

Ronda Rousey: On Making a Change

Shane Lawlor: On Love

Think Before You Speak

Tibetan Proverb: Love Is Your Home

The Two Wolves (Cherokee Legend)

Uzo Aduba: On Love

William Purkey: Dance Like There’s Nobody Watching

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