The Bravest Media Hall of Fame

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Let’s celebrate the people in media who are telling the truth, fighting the good fight, and willing to stand up against lies, misinformation, and disinformation. Here are The Brave Ones:

T. Becket Adams, commentary writer, Washington Examiner
W. James Antle III, political editor, Washington Examiner
Nick Arama, columnist, RedState
Sarah Arnold, reporter, Townhall
Simon Ateba, reporter, News Africa
Sharyl Attkisson, author, Slanted: How the News Media Taught Us to Love Censorship and Hate Journalism

Mike Baker, host, Black Files Declassified
Nicholas Ballasy, Senior Correspondent, Just the News
Leah Barkoukis, features editor, Townhall
Voddie Baucham, author, Fault Lines: The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism’s Looming Catastrophe
Glenn Beck, host, The Glenn Beck Program
Guy Benson, political editor, Townhall
Jacob Bliss, reporter, Breitbart News
Chip Bok, cartoonist,
Bonchie, columnist, RedState
Dan Bongino, host, The Dan Bongino Report
Jaco Booyens, host, The Bottom Line
Jack Brewer, commentator, Fox News
Ed Brodow, commentator, Ed Brodow Politics
Spencer Brown, managing editor, Townhall
Stu Burguiere, host, Stu Does America

Will Cain, host, The Will Cain Podcast
Silvio Canto, Jr., podcaster, Canto Talk
Tucker Carlson, host, Tucker Carlson Tonight
Timothy P. Carney, Senior Columnist, Washington Examiner
Jack Cashill, author, Unmasking Obama
Mia Cathell, reporter, Townhall
Eric Cervone, weekend editor, The Blaze
Daniel Chaitin, deputy news editor, Washington Examiner
Jeff Charles, columnist, RedState
Adam B. Coleman, author of Black Victim to Black Victor
Emily Compagno, co-host, Outnumbered
Ann Coulter, author, If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans
John Cox, cartoonist, Townhall
Jeff Crouere, columnist, Townhall
Steven Crowder, podcaster, Louder with Crowder
Joe Cunningham, senior editor, RedState

Dan Dakich, radio host, Don’t @ Me
Brandon Darby, co-founder, Cartel Chronicles
Kira Davis, editor-at-large, RedState
Steve Deace, host, The Steve Deace Show
Corey DeAngelis, executive director, Educational Freedom Institute
Diamond and Silk, radio hosts. Sadly Diamond, aka Lynette Hardaway, died on January 9, 2023. A big loss for all of us.
Seth Dillon, founder, Babylon Bee
Jordan Dixon-Hamilton, reporter, Breitbart News
Shana Donahue, overnight news editor, Washington Examiner
Rebecca Downs, web editor, Townhall
Brandon Drey, reporter, The Daily Wire
Dinesh D’Souza, producer, 2000 Mules
Evita Duffy, staff writer, The Federalist
Jerry Dunleavy, justice department reporter, Washington Examiner
J.R. Dunn, columnist, American Thinker

Chris Enloe, weekend editor, The Blaze
Erick Erickson, radio host, Erick Erickson Show

Clarice Feldman, contributor, American Thinker
Jeffrey Folks, author, Heartland of the Imagination
Joe Fried, author of Debunked? An Auditor Reviews the 2020 Election and the Lessons Learned
Rick Fuentes, columnist, American Thinker

Brigitte Gabriel, author, Because They Hate
James Gagliano, reporter, New York Post
Carlos Garcia, staff writer, The Blaze
Jack Gleason, columnist, American Thinker
David Goetsch, contributor, Townhall
Sara Gonzales, host, The News & Why It Matters
Pat Gray, host, Pat Gray Unleashed
John Green, columnist, The Blue State Conservative
Greg Gutfeld, host, Gutfeld!

Jon N. Hall, programmer, Ultracon Opinion
Josh Hammer, columnist, Townhall
Sean Hannity, host, Hannity
Victor David Hanson, columnist, Townhall
David Harsanyi, senior editor, The Federalist
Candace Hathaway, staff writer, Blaze Media
A.W.R. Hawkins, editor, Down Range newsletter
Jack Hellner, columnist, American Thinker
Mollie Hemingway, senior editor, Federalist
Bob Hoge, contributor, RedState
Daniel Horowitz, host, Conservative Review podcast
Scott Hounsell, columnist, RedState
Derek Hunter, author, Outrage, INC.

Katie Jerkovich, reporter, Daily Wire
Brian Joondeph, columnist, American Thinker

Raheem Kassam, editor-in-chief, National Pulse
Jesse Kelly, host, Jesse Kelly Show
Andrew Kerr, reporter, Free Beacon
Andrew Klavan, columnist, Daily Wire
Aaron Kliegman, enterprise reporter, Just the News
Michael Knowles, author, Reasons to Vote for Democrats (a blank book)
Brady Knox, breaking news reporter, Washington Examiner
Paul Krause, editor, Voegelin View

Thomas LaDuke, host, Duke Over America
Tomi Lahren, radio host
Kari Lake, news anchor at KSAZ-TV and Arizona governor
Madeline Leesman, web editor, Townhall
John Leonard, author, The God Conclusion
Mark Levin, host, LevinTV
Mark Lewis, columnist, Townhall
Thomas Lifson, editor, American Thinker
Becca Lower, weekend content editor, RedState
E. Jeffrey Ludwig, columnist, American Thinker

Joseph Mackinnon, staff writer, Blaze Media
Sophie Mann, fast-file reporter, Just the News
Rebecca Mansour, senior editor-at-large, Breitbart
Matt Margolis, cartoonist, Townhall
Alex Marlow, editor-in-chief, Breitbart.
Alana Mastrangelo, reporter, Breitbart News
Patricia McCarthy, columnist, American Thinker
Peter McCullough, covid vaccine researcher, The McCullough Report
Kevin McCullough, CEO, XtreMEDIA
Aaron McIntyre, producer, The Steve Deace Show
Ilana Mercer, author, The Trump Revolution
Shemeka Michelle, contributor, Fearless with Jason Whitlock
Mike Miller, columnist, RedState
Natalia Mittelstadt, reporter, Just the News
Susie Moore, deputy managing editor, RedState
Scott Moran, congressional reporter, Breitbart
Scott Morefield, columnist, Townhall
Brandon Morse, deputy managing editor, RedState
Olivia Murray, columnist, American Thinker

John Nantz, columnist, Townhall
Rob Natelson, columnist, Townhall
Jon Nicosia, president, News Cycle Media
Alex Nitzberg, staff writer, Blaze Media
John Nolte, senior writer, Breitbart
Oliver North, columnist, Townhall

Jennifer Oliver O’Connell, contributor, RedState
Larry O’Connor, host, O’Connor and Company
James O’Keefe, founder, Project Veritas
Ildefonso Ortiz, co-founder, Cartel Chronicles
Candace Owens, founder of Blexit and host, The Candace Owens Show

Matt Palumbo, author, The Man Behind the Curtain
Chris Pandolfo, staff writer, Blaze Media
D. Parker, editor, Freedom Park Press on Substack
Katie Pavlich, editor, Townhall
Charles Payne, host, Making Money
Henry Payne, cartoonist, Detroit News
C.J. Pearson, webmaster,
Dana Perino, panelist, The Five
Greg Piper, investigative reporter, Just the News
Jeanine Pirro, panelist, The Five
Joel Pollak, senior editor-at-large, Breitbart
Dennis Prager, founder, PragerU
Chad Prather, host, The Chad Prather Show

Michael P. Ramirez, cartoonist, Las Vegas Review-Journal
Michael Rectenwald, author, The Great Reset and the Struggle for Liberty
Trent Reedy, author, Enduring Freedom
Jase Robertson, cohost, Unashamed
Phil Robertson, cohost, Unashamed
Julio Rosas, senior writer, Townhall
Carol Roth, author, The War on Small Business
Dave Rubin, host, The Rubin Report
Greg Rubini, author, Durham Indictments
Kevin Ryan, contributor, Blaze Media

Ryan Saavedra, reporter, Daily Wire
Paul Sacca, weekend editor, The Blaze
Dennis Santiago, commentator, RedState
Matt Schlapp, chairman, CPAC Now
Mercedes Schlapp, host, CPAC Now
Kurt Schlichter, author, Kelly Turnbull series
Rob Schmitt, host, Newsmax TV
Peter Schweizer, senior contributor, Breitbart
Ben Shapiro, editor emeritus, Daily Wire
Brittany Sheehan, Nevada activist
Monica Showalter, columnist, American Thinker
J.B. Shurk, columnist, American Thinker
Aaron Sibarium, reporter, Washington Free Beacon
Brad Slager, podcaster, Disasters in the Making
J. Robert Smith, columnist, American Thinker
John Soloman, founder, Just the News
Kevin Sorbo, actor and Twitter commentator
Paul Sperry, author, Infiltration
Delano Squires, contributor, The Blaze
Tom Stiglich, cartoonist,
Grant Stinchfield, host, Stinchfield podcast
John Stossel, author, No They Can’t: Why Government Fails, But Individuals Succeed
Streiff, columnist, RedState
David Strom, columnist, HotAir
Allie Beth Stuckey, radio host, Relatable
William Sullivan, columnist, American Thinker
James Swofford, columnist, American Thinker

Gadi Taub, podcaster
Leo Terrell, civil rights attorney and radio host
Jim Thompson, editorial cartoonist, RedState
Tyrus, frequent guest, Gutfeld!

Dave Urbanski, senior editor, The Blaze
Eric Utter, contributor, American Thinker

Jay Valentine, founder, Omega 4 America
Matt Vespa, senior editor, Townhall

Matt Walsh, host, The Matt Walsh Show
Jesse Watters, host, Jesse Watters Primetime
Joseph Weber, news editor, Just the News
Cortney Weil, senior editor, The Blaze
Allen West, columnist, Townhall
Ben Whedon, night editor, Just the News
Kaylee McGhee White, commentary writer, Washington Examiner
Jason Whitlock, host, Fearless with Jason Whitlock
Andrea Widburg, deputy editor, American Thinker
Terrence K. Williams, commentator
Jerry Wilson, contributor, RedState
Natalie Winters, researcher, National Pulse
Kristina Wong, Pentagon correspondent, Breitbart

Zuby (Nzube Olisaebuka Udezue), rapper and author of Strong Advice
David Zukerman, columnist, American Thinker

Brave Media Hall of Fame

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