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W H Auden on A Tail That Wags

W H Auden: A Tail We Could Wag

In times of joy, all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag. — W. H. Auden, poet

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M K Clinton on the Love of Dogs

The Love of a Dog

The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog. — M K Clinton, blogger, Barking from the Bayou Internet Gifs and Memes Meme Resource Sites (for creating memes) For more information about elite protection dogs, check out

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Cesar Millan on Unstable Pack Leaders

Cesar Millan: On Honesty, Integrity, and Loyalty

I learned the roots of any relationship—honesty, integrity, loyalty. It’s hard to find a human to give you all three. But every dog, that’s all they know. Humans are the only species that follows unstable pack leaders. Animals don’t. Why would they? — Cesar Millan By the way, that’s a photo of our two dogs: […]

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