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The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life by Gail Berry

“Deep within the forest is the golden tree, the Tree of Life. Let your quest be for that and none other,” the old woman replied.

“Some seek it for its golden leaves and dreams of riches. They do not find it. And some, some look for healing from its roots; some of those do find it, but they are few. And then, then there are the ones who search only for the joy of the quest and the wonder of what they might find. And these, these are the ones for whom the tree of life bows her golden branches. Be you one of these, master?” cackled the old woman.

And I replied without knowing why. “Yes, old woman. I am.”

Short story by Gail Berry

Gail Berry is also the author of Little Fox and the Golden Hawk and Crazy Horse. Both books are available via

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