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Carolyn Myss on making choices

Carolyn Myss: On Making Choices

For every choice we make, we set a cycle of energy and consequence into motion. — Carolyn Myss

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Pablo Picasso: On Transforming a Spot into the Sun

Pablo Picasso: Transforming a Yellow Spot into the Sun

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot. Others transform a yellow spot into the sun. — Pablo Picasso, painter

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30 Minutes of Wonderful

Sunrises Sunsets

I would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special. — Shelby Eatenton Latcherie, character in Steel Magnolias movie I think we all live for 30 minutes of wonderful, but we also live for a lifetime of something special. 30 minutes is a little something, but a lifetime is what we […]

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Sunset Dance Image

Sunset Dance: Don’t Be Afraid to Give Yourself Everything

Don’t be afraid to give yourself everything you’ve wanted in life. – Sunset Dance

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