Mainstream Media Idiots Hall of Fame

The Mainstream Media Idiots Hall of Fame

Check out the 1,001 plus members of The Mainstream Media Idiots Hall of Fame. As many have said, it’s not against the law to be stupid—and being an idiot seems to be a requirement for today’s so-called journalists doing their journalisming. That idiot requirement seems to also apply to all the useless idiot commentators featured […]

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Media Censorship of Ideas

God Bless the Speech-Impaired Companies and Media

Too many media, associations, and companies are now among the worst offenders when it comes to supporting free speech. Too many of them are now free speech deniers, over and over again. That’s a sad way to promote truth, love, and kindness. Sadly, here are 172 (thus far) media, associations, and companies that have suppressed […]

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