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Prayer via Barack Obama

Barack Obama: On Prayer

Prayer offers a powerful alternative to pessimism. — Barack Obama Please say a prayer or many prayers for the current government and the people who serve us now. Please also pray for the previous government and the people who served us there.

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Maya Angelou on Gratitude and Faith

Maya Angelou: On Gratitude and Faith

Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer. And let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good. — Maya Angelou, poet

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Vanna White on Prayer

Vanna White: I Pray Every Day

Personally, I pray every day. I have my own personal relationship with God, and worshipping Him and praying is what works for me. It helps me to stay positive and comforts me constantly. — Vanna White, game show co-host

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When You Pray

African Proverb: When You Pray, Move Your Feet

When you pray, move your feet. — African proverb Prayer isn’t just nice thoughts. Prayer isn’t just words. Prayer is action. Real action. Action that produces results. Action for God. Action for the world.

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Patrick Fabian on Prayer

God Bless You Revolution: Patrick Fabian on Prayer

I hit my knees every morning and every night to give thanks for being alive and all the blessings I have. — Patrick Fabian, actor

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Pray for Everyone

You’re So Dumb That I Can’t Even Pray for You

Anyone who makes a statement like the headline above does not know how to pray. They do not understand the value and power of prayer — or even the purpose of prayer. We pray for those who need prayer. We pray for those who do not need prayer. We never stop praying because we don’t […]

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When you pray...

When You Pray

When you forgive, you don’t change the past. You change the future. — unknown When you forgive, you in no way change the past—but you sure do change the future. — Bernard Meltzer, radio personality When you pray, you change the past. And the present. And the future. Pray more! — John Kremer Other quotations […]

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John Kremer on Prayers

Bill Maher: On Thoughts and Prayers

I’m so sick of all of the reactions. I’m so sick of thoughts and prayers. First of all, thoughts are the opposite of prayers. A thought is, what should I do? A prayer is wishing on a star. Thoughts and prayers are the Republican way of saying tough shit. — Bill Maher, host of Real Time […]

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George Clooney: A Prayer for My Country

George Clooney: On Prayer

I pray for my country. I pray that we can find more that unites us than divides us. I pray that our nation’s leaders want to do the same. I pray that young children like Tamir Rice can feel safe in their own neighborhood. I pray for all of our children. I pray for our […]

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Mahershala Ali on praying

Mahershala Ali: On Prayer

I grew up in a prayerful home; I never remember not praying—I prayed every day of my life, and that was instilled in me as a kid, and as I’ve gotten older, that’s just matured in me. — Mahershala Ali, actor

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