short stories

The Land Where Dreams Come From by Gail Berry

The Land Where Dreams Come True

There is a land where dreams come true. Where wishes are horses and beggars do ride. This is the land of Hosanëzied. Short story by Gail Berry Gail Berry is also the author of Little Fox and the Golden Hawk and Crazy Horse. Both books are available via More short stories:

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The Three Weavers by Gail Berry

The Three Weavers

In an old cottage covered with morning glory vines by the Warbling River lived three women weavers — Alyssa was young and beautiful, Lydia was of middle age with long dark hair, and Claire was a stately white-haired lady. All day they sat at their looms and wove. Alyssa used reds and greens and yellows […]

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The Rain by Gail Berry

The Rain

“There’s a woman who brings the storms.” “Sure, Jeremy, and there’s a man who takes out the garbage, too.” “No, I’m serious about this. I saw her last night. Remember the wind was blowing the trees so hard, and there was lightening and thunder. Then, just before the rain, I saw her. “Where? On the […]

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Angie, a short story by Gail Berry


I was visiting a friend in the hospital the summer of ’85. While I was passing down a corridor, I noticed a child of about six sitting next to an old man who was lying in a hospital bed. The little girl was holding his hand — he looked too weak to grasp hers. Usually […]

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A Slice of Life by Gail Berry

A Slice of Life

It’s mid morning and I walk my dog Elsie over to John’s house so he can take his dog Becky and my dog Elsie and himself for a morning walk which everyone loves. Then I go back home and eat breakfast. Once they return, John says Elsie always waits at the gate watching for me. […]

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