Cute and Funny Animals

Snoopy loves rain!

Snoopy Loves Rain!

Snoopy loves rain! Do you love rain?

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I love you - Snoopy

Snoopy Says: I Love You Always

Snoopy Says: I love you always and forever. We should always love always and forever!

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Tom Vrilock on Learning

John Frederick Kremer on Instagram

Check out my new Instagram feed: View this profile on Instagram John Kremer (@johnfrederickkremer) • Instagram photos and videos

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I Hate Mondays

I Hate Mondays!

Cat yeows I HATE MONDAYS! Check out these wonderful books about cats: How to Speak Cat Amazing Cats by Jenny Kellett Sorry I Barfed on Your Bed by Jeremy Greenberg How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You by Matthew Inman

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Today I caught a rainbow in my cat's ear #CatLove

8 Reasons to Love a Cat!

8 Reasons to Love a Cat! Cats love the most random toys (plastic bags, yarn, shoelaces – you name it!). Unlike dogs, cats are great at reading the room. Cats are great listeners. You can talk, talk, talk to them without any loss of interest on their part. Cats are longer lived than dogs. Cats […]

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Exercising with Dogs: Dog and Man Exercising Together

I Love to Exercise with Dogs!

I love videos of dogs and humans interacting during exercise. It can be so much fun to exercise with dogs. I walk with my dogs every day! This video has had 1.3 million views on Pinterest—and counting!

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Dogs Are Better Than Men: Toilet Seats

Dogs Are Better Than Men in at Least 12 Ways

Dogs are better than men in 12 ways: Dogs never complain about what you feed them. If a dog gets lost, he is happy to get directions. Dogs are better listeners. A dog doesn’t have to be taught to beg. The dog will never spend your vacation money on a new set of golf clubs. […]

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Snoopy Hugs Woodstock

Snoopy Says: Remember to Hug the Ones You Love

Snoopy Says: Remember to Hug the Ones You Love Always believe that something wonderful is going to happen, even with all the ups and downs. Never take a day for granted. Smile. Cherish the little things. Remember to hug the ones you love. — Snoopy and Woodstock

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Happy Valentine's Day from Snoopy and Charlie Brown

Happy Valentine’s Day 2022!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Snoopy and Charlie Brown of The Peanuts!

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Liquid Cats Meme

Are Cats Really Liquid?

Are cats really liquid, or do they just flow naturally into interesting containers? My cat used to shimmy into a little space on top of my desk so he could be near me. He’d spend hours in that space. Check out these wonderful books about cats: How to Speak Cat Amazing Cats by Jenny Kellett […]

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