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R Is for Red - ABC Alphabet Book

R Is for Red: An ABC Alphabet Book

R Is for Red is a simple A to Z alphabet book focused on things that are red: red alert, red brick, cardinal, red dress, exit sign, fire engine, red clay Greek vase, heart, red ink, red Jaguar convertible, ketchup, lips, red meat, red neon, red oak tree, pomegranate, red queen, ruby, stop sign. tongue, […]

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Self-Care for Depression

Good Self-Care for Depression

Here are a few great tips on how to take care of yourself when you are going through a period of depression. Actually, these are great tips for taking care of yourself at any time, whether happy, sad, or in between. Eat healthy delicious meals. Sleep the same hours every night. Play every day. Exercise […]

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Featured Book: Consider the Lilies

Consider the Lilies is an adult coloring book combined with a devotional journal to help you grow in your faith and in your spiritual development. Check out this adult coloring book! A great way to enjoy some me time, some quiet time, while contemplating the words of the Bible and working to make a real […]

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