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John Kremer on TikTok

Check out my new @bookmarketing profile on TikTok. @bookmarketing Note: For some reason TikTok won’t let me update my avatar and bio. I uploaded the Windows app, but it doesn’t allow me to change anything. I keep getting the message that I need to upload the app (even after uploading the app). Oh, well.

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A Song of Joy by Ross Parker and sung by Miguel Rios

A Song of Joy with Miguel Rios (1970)

Check out this 1970 version of Beethovan’s Ode to Joy, with new English lyrics written by Ross Parker. This 1970 hit was sung by Miguel Rios and became a top hit that year. Here are the lyrics by Ross Parker: Come, sing a song of joy, For peace shall come, my brother. Sing, sing a […]

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A Father's Love

A Father’s Love in All Forms

This country song, Love Without End Amen performed by George Strait, tells the story of a father’s love throughout life. The words and music are by Aaron G. Barker. It’s a great song and a powerful performance! The stanzas feature a son’s father, a father’s son, and God the father. And a love without end, Amen. […]

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Eating crappy food isn’t a reward. It’s a punishment. — Drew Carey, comedian

Eating Crappy Food Isn’t a Reward

Eating crappy food isn’t a reward. It’s a punishment. — Drew Carey, comedian Click here for a great weight loss video:

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Exercising with Dogs: Dog and Man Exercising Together

I Love to Exercise with Dogs!

I love videos of dogs and humans interacting during exercise. It can be so much fun to exercise with dogs. I walk with my dogs every day! This video has had 1.3 million views on Pinterest—and counting!

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Back Fly Strength Exercises

Back Fly Strength Exercise

Back Fly Strength Exercise — Use dumbbells and a bench to strengthen the latissimus dorsi and shoulder muscles.

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Dogs Are Better Than Men: Toilet Seats

Dogs Are Better Than Men in at Least 12 Ways

Dogs are better than men in 12 ways: Dogs never complain about what you feed them. If a dog gets lost, he is happy to get directions. Dogs are better listeners. A dog doesn’t have to be taught to beg. The dog will never spend your vacation money on a new set of golf clubs. […]

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Glenn Beck on God

Glenn Beck: On God

The real problem in America is not political. It is spiritual. — Glenn Beck, radio talk show host You cannot reach someone’s head without capturing their heart. And no one is going to capture anybody’s heart through violence. — Glenn Beck, radio talk show host You must be a beacon of light in a very […]

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Blake Shelton on Love and Happiness

Blake Shelton: On Hope and Love

If times are tight and you ain’t got much money—as long as you have love and you’re happy—at the end of the day, that’s all any of us can really hope for. — Blake Shelton, country singer Check out Minimum Wage by Blake Shelton here:

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MAGA YMCA Dance Party

A Wonderful Version of YMCA

Here’s a wonderful version of YMCA celebrating the MAGA crowd: And here’s another version, live from the protest streets. Really fun: The MAGA YMCA Dance Party: Alas this one was taken down by YouTube. Apparently too much fun for them. But here is another wonderful version. Alas, YouTube keeps censoring these wonderful and fun videos! […]

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