Nick Arama

CatTurd tweets Biden's failures

A 4-Week Retrospective on Joe Biden’s Presidency

Tweets reveal the truth about the disaster that is the Biden presidency. Check out the tweets: One of Limbaugh’s last shows: Biden Calls Us Domestic Terrorists, Then Calls for Unity. — Scott Adams, cartoonist Now the dictator move is on the other foot. Except in this case, it’s the highly hypocritical foot of Joe Biden. […]

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Billboard of Non-Polling Metrics

Non-Polling Metrics Point to a Trump Landslide

Guest post by David Walker The 2020 presidential election polls were so biased, manipulated, and untruthful that it’s now clear that the polling services are merely another arm of the mainstream media and their subsidiary, the Democrat party. All the non-polling metrics, however, pointed to a Trump landslide. The only reason that a landslide did […]

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