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The Lady and the Parrot

The Lady and the Parrot

Here’s a sweet video of a lady sleeping with her parrot. Cute parrot. Pretty lady.

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Your Home Is Your Castle

Stay at Home: Your Home Is Your Castle

Remember: Stay at home during these trying times. Your home is your castle! Wash your hands. Avoid crowds. Practice social distancing.

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Adam Schiff bug-eyed

SDS: Shifty Delusion Syndrome

Despite some people’s distorted view of reality, Adam Schiff is not one of the greatest orators of all time, far from it. Here are six reasons why Adam Schiff is not even close to being a great orator: Illogical—His logic is almost always flawed. He would have flunked a college logic course, but sadly there’s […]

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Walk Toward the Light

Walk Toward the Light and Turn It Off

My dad is so cheap that when he dies, he’s going to walk toward the light and turn it off. — Matin Atrushi, comedian

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It's All Small Stuff

Snoopy: It’s All Small Stuff

It’s all small stuff at the end of the day!! Live simple, be kind, do for others who aren’t kind. Life is easier when you put others first. — anonymous

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The Redneck Doorbell

I Just Love Rednecks: Very Creative!

I just love the way that rednecks look at the world. Check out these two incredible solutions to daily difficulties: The Redneck Weather Forecasting Tool and The Redneck Doorbell. The Redneck Weather Forecasting Tool If the rope is wet, it is raining. If the rope is moving, it is windy. If the rope is hot, […]

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Free Nap Card Puppy

Free Nap Card: Sleeping Puppy

Free Nap Card: Use this card to give yourself the OK to nap when you need to. Naps are great! You can download a PDF document to print four of these Free Nap Cards by clicking here: Free Nap Card Koala and Puppy

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Happy Sunday Snoopy

Happy Sunday from Snoopy!

Good Morning! Happy Sunday from Snoopy! Have a great day! You can own the above word art print to keep you always on the happy side of life. Order it from Society6 today! Ask questions. The past can’t be changed. Kindness is free. Things always get better. Enjoy breathing. You only fail if you quit. […]

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Go for the Juggler

Go for the Juggler Meme

Funny but wise advice: If attacked by a mob of clowns, go for the juggler.

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Dogs Are Better Than Men - Get Directions

Dogs Are Better Than Men: Get Directions

Dogs are better than men: If a dog gets lost, he is happy to get directions. I Love Dogs! For more information about elite protection dogs, check out

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