God Bless You

We Pray for the People of Afghanistan

We Pray for Those Who Died in Afghanistan

Let us pray. Today we pray for all the people who have died and will die from the violence and terror now taking place in Afghanistan. We pray for the women who have been beaten, raped, disfigured, or killed in Afghanistan. We pray for the American soldiers who have given their lives or limbs in […]

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I don't know is the greatest prayer in the world. — Shakey, character in Burden of Truth TV show

The Greatest Prayer in the World

“I don’t know” is the greatest prayer in the world. — Shakey, character in Burden of Truth TV show

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Jed McKenna on Nonduality as a Sledgehammer

Jed McKenna: On Nonduality as a Sledgehammer

Nonduality, the certainty of one and the certain impossibility of two, is an example of a minor epiphany that is achieved by some seekers who consider it valuable in and of itself, but who never go on to unleash its full weapon-of-dreamstate-destruction potential. In the process of waking up in or from the dreamstate, only […]

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A Happy and Blessed Easter

A Happy and Blessed Easter to You

I hope you have a happy and blessed Easter today and every day.

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Flower Newhouse on God

Flower Newhouse: On God

Put God first. That’s the short cut to everything. — Flower Newhouse Are you ready to take in the short cut to everything? Just put God first!

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My Thoughts for Today: Be kind.

My Thoughts for Today: Be Kind

My thoughts for today (and every day): Be kind. Work hard. Travel when possible. Stay humble. Love. Smile often. Keep honest. Never stop learning. Stay loyal. Be thankful. Pray.

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Prayer via Barack Obama

Barack Obama: On Prayer

Prayer offers a powerful alternative to pessimism. — Barack Obama Please say a prayer or many prayers for the current government and the people who serve us now. Please also pray for the previous government and the people who served us there.

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Donald Trump on Babies

Donald Trump: On the Majesty of God’s Creation

When we see the image of a baby in the womb, we glimpse the majesty of God’s creation. — Donald Trump, U.S. president God bless all babies, including those in the womb, those which have been aborted, and those who have not been aborted.

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A Whisper a poem by John Kremer

A Whisper: A Poem by John Kremer

I had this one certain vision. I was running along side the cars on the freeway running even ahead of them gloriously flowing faster than they faster than they could possibly go streaking by them as a photon of light faster than light itself as a blur exceeding even myself past the shell. Faster yet, […]

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A Happy Life Cake

A Happy Life Cake

Mix thoroughly … 1 cup of good thoughts 1 cup of kind deeds 1 cup of consideration for others 1 cup of recognized faults 2 cups of sacrifice 3 cups of forgiveness Add tears of joy, sorrow, and sympathy. Flavor with love and kindly service. Fold in lots of prayer and faith. Blend well. Fold […]

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