The Divine Leaks Out — Everywhere and Every When

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The Divine leaks out wherever you look — in the trees of the forest, in the fields and the deserts around us, in the city streets and back alleys, in the suburban playgrounds and parks, in the people all around us.

The Divine is in everyone. It leaks out in the peaceful protesters as well as the rioters and looters. It leaks out in the police, the teachers, the doctors, the corner grocery workers, the bus and taxi drivers, and, yes, even in the lawyers and politicians.

The Divine leaks out even in Donald Trump — more often than many of you care to admit.

God bless the USA.
God bless our leaders.
God bless the good and great people around the world.
God bless all of you who read this.

The Divine seeks us all. The Divine leaks out every day. The Divine leaks out every night.

The Divine is within you. The Divine is within me. The Divine, again, is all around.

Watch for the Divine!

God bless you today. God bless you tomorrow. God bless you each and every day!

When we ignore the Divine in our lives, that’s when we get into trouble — in our personal lives, in our group dynamics, and even in our political aims and solutions.

God must always be included in everything we do, in everything we plan, in everything we aspire to.

A life without God is empty and sad.
A family without God lacks true love and kindness.
A community without God is soulless and barren.
A country without God is destined to die — and die quickly.
A world without God is meaningless and dark.

Invite God into your life today. Let the Divine leak out into everything you do, everything you see, everything you feel, everything you think, and everything you love.

Invite God Into Your Life

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