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Two Wonderful Small Houses

Here are two small houses I’ve seen pass by my Facebook stream during the past month.

Glass and Brick House

The first house is all glass and brick. It doesn’t look like it has much privacy, but it offers incredible light (but probably best situated under some great tall trees). It looks a little larger than the wood cabin below. This cabin is probably a large garden shed, refuge, or workplace out back of the main house.

I would love to use it as my writing refuge and workplace.

Cool. I found the designer of this wonderful house: Tanglewood Conservatories.

I would love to live in this glass and brick cabin, as long as I had plenty of shade (and some privacy). Click To Tweet

Home Sweet Home wood cabin

The second house is a wood cabin. Looks to be about 12×12 or 15×15 with a loft. Certainly small, but probably bigger than many trailers or RVs. But I would get rid of that ugly TV antenna out front.

Lovely small wood cabin, but I would get rid of that ugly TV antenna out front. Click To Tweet

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