God Bless the Censors

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God bless the Internet, organizational, individual, and government censors who are working hard to intimidate people and ideas that don’t match their idea of good, bad, love, hate, right, wrong, truth, and lies. Censorship, in any guise, is always wrong, always always wrong.

There is no place for hate. There is no place for censorship. There is no place for condemnations. There is a real need for more free speech.

The Internet Censors

God bless Facebook which no longer trusts its users to decide for themselves what they want to see. They are censoring your news feeds.

God bless Mark Zuckerberg. Ditto Zuckerberg.

God bless Google. Ditto Google searches.

God bless YouTube (they are hiring 10,000 human moderators, aka censors).

God bless the Huffington Post.

God bless the Southern Law Poverty Center.

God bless George Soros.

W.E.B. Du Bois on Reading Meaning

God bless Lauren Kirchner.

God bless Paypal.

God bless ProPublica.

God bless Twitter.

God bless Instagram.

God bless Media Matters.

God bless the Open Society Foundation.

God bless real net neutrality.

God bless SoundCloud.

God bless Amazon.

The Internet Censors

God bless the Washington Post.

God bless Jennifer Delton.

God bless the Antifa gang.

God bless the Associated Press.

God bless the New York Times.

God bless MSNBC.

God bless CNN. “This is CNN that gets the facts wrong on an almost daily basis.”

God bless Germany.

God bless Heiko Maas, German justice minister.

Lessons in Kindness from Ellen DeGeneres

God bless the German Federal Office for Security in Information Technology.

God bless the Amadeu Antonio Foundation.

God bless Anette Kahane.

God bless Sweden.

God bless the Swedish media.

God bless Alice Bah Kuhnke, minister of Culture and Democracy, Sweden.

God bless faceless bureaucratic censors.

God bless the University of California at Berkeley.

God bless Akash Nigam.

God bless the Blend messaging app.

God bless GoDaddy.

God bless Cloudfare (again and again).

God bless ESPN.

God bless Roxanne Jones.

God bless the city of Berkeley, California.

God bless Michael Harriot.

God bless the U.S. 9th District Court.

God bless Apple.

God bless Yvette Falarca.

God bless Floyd Lee Corkin.

>The Internet Censors

God bless Bart Knijnenburg: Violent or nonviolent. This needs to stop, by any means necessary. Use violence to stop free speech!?!

God bless Airbnb.

God bless Uber.

God bless Eventbrite.

God bless Nook.

God bless Robin Biro.

God bless the Orpheum Theater Group.

God bless Valerie Plame Wilson.

God bless the government of China.

Aaron Colin on Free Speech

God bless Mark Hamill.

God bless the Alphabet corporation.

God bless New America Foundation.

God bless Jacquline Barrie.

God bless Let Clothes Be Clothes.

God bless math teacher Lyn Orletsky.

God bless Cornell University.

God bless U.S. District Court judge William Orrick.

God bless Danny Zuker.

Hillary Clinton Voodoo

God bless Planned Parenthood.

God bless OkCupid.

God bless California Democrats (53% of California Democrats oppose the First Amendment right of freedom of speech and assembly — University of California at Berkeley poll).

God bless Louis C.K.

God bless Hillary Clinton (I was tempted to make voodoo dolls of certain members of the press and Congress and stick them full of pins. — Hillary Clinton).

God bless Aleta Ledendecker of Freedom from Religion Foundation.

God bless Steve Schmidt.

God bless the UK Electoral Commission.

God bless college students. 51% of college students agreed with this statement: A student group opposed to the speaker disrupts the speech by loudly and repeatedly shouting so that the audience cannot hear the speaker. Do you agree or disagree that the student group’s actions are acceptable? (Brookings Institution)

God bless Black Lives Matter protesters.

God bless Texas State University president Austin Lane.

God bless University of Michigan student protesters.

God bless University of Oregon student protesters.

God bless Loyola Marymount student protesters.

God bless Notre Dame students.

God bless Williams College for its bias-incident censorship.

God bless the University of Massachusetts-Amherst for its one hour only of free speech and 23 hours of censorship.

God bless the Biloxi School District, the latest to censor To Kill a Mockingbird.

God bless German leader Angela Merkel.

God bless French leader Emmanuel Macron.

God bless French sociologist Michel Wieviorka.

God bless the French Interior Ministry.

God bless the Burlington Free Press.

God bless Max Kellerman of ESPN.

God bless Zachary and Alexandra James.

God bless witches across the world.

God bless Chinese president Xi Jinping.

God bless high school yearbook censors.

God bless Jake Tapper of CNN (who cut his guest’s microphone).

God bless the California Fact Act against free speech.

God bless Scott Jordan of SCOTTeVEST who called his customers “fucking idiots while getting rich off them.” And then tried to back off that very crude remark by deleting his Facebook posts.

God bless Lydia Polgreen.

God bless Annie Laurie Gaylor.

God bless the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

God bless Urs Hölzle, senior vice president of Google.

God bless Liz Fong-Jones.

God bless Alon Altman.

God bless the Women’s Sport Trust of Great Britain.

A valid reason for censorship? — “Let’s not go to the zoo if we don’t have to go to the zoo.”

“I pray that we can be decent, empathetic enough citizens to fight for free speech even when we disagree with some of it, and also to treat each other well enough that we don’t have to try to legislate basic kindness and human interaction.” — Aaron Colin

There is no place for hate. There is no place for censorship. There is no place for condemnations. Share on X

The Internet Censors

God bless MSNBC for censoring plain words.

George Carlin's Brain Droppings George Carlin's It's All Bad George Carlin's 3 x Carlin

In the wonderful and funny tradition of George Carlin’s seven words you can never say on television, here are the seven phrases you can never say on MSNBC – because the hosts and commentators have called these seven phrases racist.

The racist seven: birth certificate, PGA Tour, American, welfare, law and order, Chicago, food stamps.

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